70 000 Shrinkers Can't Be wrong

If You Are Tired Of Starting Over, Stop Giving Up!


70 000 Shrinkers Can't be wrong

if you are tired of starting over, stop giving up!

Welcome To Happy Shrinkers


We are a small team making a BIG IMPACT when it comes to helping thousands of women break free from their inner critics so that they can finally reach their weight loss goals while building lasting habits that improves all aspects of their life. Losing the extra weight and regaining control over both your mental and physical health has never been more important, and we are uniquely positioned to show you exactly how to shed the extra kilos and break free from disruptive patterns keeping you stuck. Here’s why…

Because we’ve been the Overwhelmed, Overworked and Overweight Woman! Trust us when we say “We understand” from your struggles to self loathing thoughts as well as all your broken and empty promises. We know what it feels like to carry around the heavy burden of being overweight, tired, stressed and insecure. We understand the power and reality of food addictions and we know how difficult it can be to break free from all this. BUT… We also know IT IS POSSIBLE. Here’s why…

Because we, along with thousands of Shrinkers are living proof of breaking through those mental blocks and finally sticking to the promises made along the way to becoming Healthy, Happy, Lean Woman. Now it’s YOUR TURN!

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3 Ways To Get Started

Famous Weekly Emails

Famous Weekly Emails

When you sign up, you’ll receive FREE weekly content on how to start breaking up with bad habits and finally take the steps to being a Healthy, Happy, Lean Woman. We understand the importance of small changes and our weekly emails strive to assist with this.

Start Shrinking Now

Start Shrinking Now

For those who do not want to waste another minute when it comes to losing weight and reaching your goals! Look forward to losing as much as 10kg in 30 days with the Rapid Fat Loss System. This protocol has helped thousands of Shrinkers reach their goal weight.

Join Our Community

Join Our Community

It’s so wonderful that you will be joining our community of over 70 000 Happy Shrinkers. Look forward to receiving weekly weight loss tips, recipes as well upcoming offers, competitions giveaways, early access to new resources, and more!




Happy Shrinking Products

Shrinking Products

Discover the results you want with all-natural weight loss and wellness supplements, free of synthetics, created by master nutritionists. We’ve taken a holistic approach to your health and happiness by helping to nourish your mind and body. Our vision is to fuel you with the goodness you need to successfully burn fat, control cravings and break free from bad habits. NOTE: All our products work in conjunction with our Rapid Fat Loss System.

Shrinkers Transformations

See how thousands of women (just like you) are breaking free from bad habits and reaching their goals. The average weight loss on the Happy Shrinkers protocol is around 2-3 kgs per week. Results may vary and are specific to each individual.

"I'm 25kgs lighter and loads and loads of cm's smaller"

It’s been almost 4 months on this amazing journey with Happy  Shrinkers and I feel amazing! I don’t usually post pics of myself but I wanted to motivate anybody that might be struggling or if you are contemplating starting this journey….. Do it!!! Start today it’s so worth it!! 

Cindy Reed Maneveldt

After 13 years I took my size 12 pants out of the “I'll fit back into you one day cupboard”

And guess what!!!!! They bloody fit!!!! From a size 22 pants to a 12 in 6 months. Feel like I’m walking on sunshine. Thank you Happy Shrinkers!!!!

Jade De Villiers

"Boy was I wrong about this being a fad diet! I lost 15kg"

Finally I had found a program that I could enjoy and a new found lifestyle that would help me shape my life and body the way I wanted it to be. Thank you Happy Shrinkers for giving me MYSELF back! 

Candice Berhardt

Join the Happy Shrinking tribe and get 10% off  any of our Shrinking products as well as exclusive benefits, low calorie recipes, weight loss tips and more!