the Rapid fat loss system

its a fat loss revolution

let's get you shrinking


It's a fat loss revolution

let's get you shrinking today!


It’s No Wonder Thousands Of Shrinkers Are RAVING About Our Unique Approach to Breaking Up With Bad Habits, Burning Fat and Keeping the Weight Off For Good!

Charmaine Lost 22kg

“A Whooping 22kg’s! I have more energy my skin is clearer I just feel like a new person” 

Sarah Lost 15kg

“You guys! I lost 15kg in just 2 months! It’s insane. My confidence is at an all time high!

Charlene Lost 24kg

Down 24kg in 3 months and I couldn’t be happier. 10kg’s to go to reach my goal weight!”

There Is No Magic Lotion, Potion or Pill..

There are Essential Steps YOU need to take to change from the inside out if You Actually
expect to lose weight and get the results You Want!

Trying to lose weight Kinda SucksEspecially if you don’t know where to start or you have tried so many times only to fail again and again, Am I right?! And if you’re like most of women we work with, by now you probably feel frustrated, insecure and hopeless. You want to lose weight because you want to feel more confident, shed the pregnancy weight, improve your sex drive, overcome health issues and to just feel like a half decent human being again…

Not to spend all your time feeling guilty and shameful every time you look in the mirror or try to squeeze into those new jeans you promised yourself you would fit into by now. 

Well, the reality is this:

Whether you have tried losing weight in the past or are currently trying to lose weight (or want to lose weight) you’re still sitting with the same problem.. No matter what you do.. You just can’t seem to lose or keep the weight off. 

Most people think that to get the results they so badly desire, they just have to follow the next “Quick Fix Diet” but the truth is, the real culprit is your mind.


Think about it! You don’t just decide today that you are going to start a new diet and fully commit without fail, do you? NO! Of course not! If that was the case we would all have the bodies of our dreams and you would not be here reading this, searching for the answer. If changing your diet and exercising works then what has stopped you from reaching your weight loss goals? I mean… has what you have tried worked so far? Is using the same mindset that got you in this situation going to get you out of it? If you’re like most who come to start shrinking with us, it’s very likely a “no.”

But, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT… The truth is: Weight loss gurus have you focusing on all the wrong things when it comes to losing weight. Sure, diet and exercise are essential for weight loss (we all know this) but there is this hidden element needed for success that no one is talking about… YOU! You are the hidden element of success. It’s this that separates those who find lasting success from those who continue down the road of self-sabotage and old destructive patterns that keep them overwhelmed, overworked and overweight. So while external factors such as calories in vs calories out, the types of foods we eat and exercises we perform all play a part, without a change in HOW we go about all this, lasting change rarely happens.

The cold hard truth is… if you keep approaching weight loss with the same mindset and habits that got you where you are now, you will never find lasting success. 


But this is all ok! Because we have a winning recipe for success that has been tried and tested by thousands of Shrinkers who will tell you – It works! It’s that simple! And you will finally start break up with bad habits, break through limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, shed those unwanted kilos and finally keep the weight off for good…



by offering exclusive one-on-one coaching and support.


to make permanent behaviour changes that stick for life.


and limiting beliefs that keep you from reaching your goals.


of like-minded individuals who want to succeed. 

Imagine for just a moment...

…that you had a step-by-step process that coached you through every step of your weight loss journey? Taking out all the guess work when it comes to losing weight, providing weekly meal plans, shopping lists, recipes and support all while helping you break bad habits, reaching your goal weight and keeping the weight off for good…

…imagine you could lose as much as 2-3kg per week with the help and motivation of an experienced Shrinking Coach. Feeling more energetic and satisfied..

…You can lose as much as 10kg in just 4 weeks from NOW!

And you already know once it’s done… it’s done! You can finally reach your goal and maintain your weight loss! In fact, we (and our Shrinkers) have used the exact fat loss system to reach and maintain our goals! Isn’t it great to finally commit to something that actually does work?!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because… it’s here.




Lipotropic Compound Drops

Lipotropic compounds (natural fat burners) that allow your body to breakdown fats and pass them naturally, while increasing overall health, immune system, and healthy hormone balance.

Rapid Fat Loss Eating Plan

A healthy eating plan of real foods that will increase your energy, boost your mood, decrease achy joints and muscle pain, sleep better, improve digestion, help you rev up your metabolism and so much more.

Detailed Video Coaching

We’ll coach you through Phase 1 & Phase 2 of the Rapid Loss System needed for a complete and successful weight loss journey! 

"Done For You" Templates

Downloadable Templates and Meal Plans for you to use to help you stay committed while taking the hassle and intimidation out of following your shrinking journey.

Access To Over 100+ Recipes

Phase 1 & Phase 2 Recipes created with everyday “normal” foods for quick and easy cooking. Recipes can be easily accessed via our App.

VIP Online Community

Members will have the privilege to Download our App where they will be supported by our Shrinking coaches. We will ensure you keep your hand out of the cookie jar!

Let go of dead weight to give yourself the lasting makeover you deserve! 

"I Thought I Would Never Shed The Pregnancy Weight"

Happy Shrinkers really changed my life. I had put on 20+ kgs during my pregnancy and thought I would never shed the weight. But the easy diet and delicious recipes really made it so easy for me to lose 22 kgs in 6 months.

– Sumaya Moosa, RSA

"Finally, A Lifestyle That Is Easy To Maintain"

6 weeks of being on the protocol and I have lost 16kg’s and 84cm. I feel amazing and my cravings are zero (says a lot for a chocoholic). I’ve really been enjoying the meals and find the protocol easy to maintain. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to lose weight and be healthier.

– Bea Van Rooyen, RSA

"If I Can Do It With PCOS, Underactive Thyroid & Insulin Resistance, So Can You!"

Never thought in a million years I could do this! Having hashimoto’s, underactive thyroid, insulin resistant and PCOS – weight gain is extremely easy and weight loss extremely difficult. Last year I discovered Happy Shrinkers! I lost 20kg!

– Marcelle Meyeridricks-Reinecke, RSA


Rapid Burn Oral Drops

Lipotropic compounds (natural fat burners) taken 3 times per day to allow your body to breakdown fats and pass them naturally, while increasing overall health, immune system, and healthy hormone balance. This formula along with Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Diet Protocol and Happy Shrinker online program will safely and naturally assists in the dissolving of body fat. 

Also assists with:

  • Low immune system
  • Stored Fat
  • Resetting Metabolic Hormones 
  • Strong cravings for sweets & carbs
  • Mood swings
  • Low energy
  • Feelings of depression or anxiety
  • Chronic tiredness
  • Excess body fat
  • Low or high blood sugar
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Low sex drive
  • Weight gain

Phase 1 & 2 - Eating Plan

Are you ready to stop obsessing over food so you can start living life? A healthy eating plan of real foods that will increase your energy, boost your mood, decrease achy joints and muscle pain, sleep better, improve digestion, help you rev up your metabolism and so much more. The foods are all very normal, everyday foods. Nothing fancy or expensive. In fact, most Shrinkers report that they end up saving money as they are eating less. You can also substitute 2 of your main meals per day with a Happy Shrinkers 3in1 lean protein shake from Phase 2 of the protocol which saves both money and time.

Benefits of the Eating Plan Include:

  • Weight loss
  • Less cravings
  • Improved mood
  • Increased energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Jump started metabolism
  • Better digestion
  • Less bloating
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • A new passion for healthy eating

Phase 1 – Detox Phase:

First 3 Days | Fruits / Veggies | Remove toxins and impurities to get you ready for optimal fat burning in Phase 2

Phase 2 – Shrinking Phase:

Until you reach your goal weight | Consists of 3 main meals + 2 optional snacks per day | Average weight loss between 2-3kg per week. 

Happy Shrinker - Online Program

Lifetime Membership to the all encompassing online program to starting your Rapid Fat Loss Journey on Phase 1 & Phase 2 and establishing life long habits that burn fat and keep the weight off for good. Inside the Happy Shrinker program, you wont just get a few boring recipes! Nope! You’ll get step-by-step coaching walking you through each phase of your weight loss journey.

So, How Much Does It Cost?

You can GET THE RESULTS YOU DESIRE without having to pay thousands on dietitian consultations and personal trainer fees that take months to see changes. With us, there are no additional supplements required and “special” gear to make your goals a reality.

It’s a small investment in yourself today that your future self will thank you for.

One that will pay you back for the rest of your life. By letting you live a life of health and wellness, free from the burdens of being overweight and unhappy… with a body that lets you live your life in confidence!

It’s a TRANSFORMATION that frees you from the Overwhelmed, Overworked & Overweight Mindset that keeps you stuck and struggling. And let’s you become your best version of you there is. And when you weigh all that against the small investment and what it will do for you and your future, then it’s an easy choice.

It’s for this reason that we want to make sure that we get this protocol into as many hands as possible so that we can bring to life our vision of a Rapid Fat Loss Revolution.

So tell me.. Are you in?


R399 Today

Pay Just 4 Installments of R399 OR One Time Payment Of R1596


  • 30 Day Supply Rapid Burn Oral Drops (R1099 Value)
  • Rapid Loss Diet Protocol (R499 Value)
  • Lifetime Membership To Online Happy Shrinking Program & Coaching Modules (R2999 Value)
  • BONUS BUNDLE – Lifetime Membership to EXCLUSIVE Access To VIP Online Shrinking Community (R599 Value)
  • BONUS BUNDLE – Access to over 100+ Quick & Easy P1 & P2 Recipes (R1999 Value)
  • BONUS BUNDLE – Access to Ready-Made Meal Plans and Shopping lists (R999 Value)
  • Facebook / WhatsApp / Email / Call Support
  • Exclusive Shrinking Product Discounts To Members ONLY

Valued Over R8993


R649 Today

Pay Just 4 Installments of R649 OR One Time Payment Of R2596


  • 60 Day Supply Rapid Burn Oral Drops (R2198 Value)
  • Rapid Loss Diet Protocol (R499 Value)
  • Lifetime Membership To Online Happy Shrinking Program & Coaching Modules (R2999 Value)
  • BONUS BUNDLE – Lifetime Membership to EXCLUSIVE Access To VIP Online Shrinking Community (R599 Value)
  • BONUS BUNDLE – Access to over 100+ Quick & Easy P1 & P2 Recipes (R1999 Value)
  • BONUS BUNDLE – Access to Ready-Made Meal Plans and Shopping lists (R999 Value)
  • Facebook / WhatsApp / Email / Call Support
  • Exclusive Shrinking Product Discounts To Members ONLY

Valued Over R10 092


R899 Today

Pay Just 4 Installments of R899 OR One Time Payment Of R3596


  • 90 Day Supply Rapid Burn Oral Drops (R3297 Value)
  • Rapid Loss Diet Protocol (R499 Value)
  • Lifetime Membership To Online Happy Shrinking Program & Coaching Modules (R2999 Value)
  • BONUS BUNDLE – Lifetime Membership to EXCLUSIVE Access To VIP Online Shrinking Community (R599 Value)
  • BONUS BUNDLE – Access to over 100+ Quick & Easy P1 & P2 Recipes (R1999 Value)
  • BONUS BUNDLE – Access to Ready-Made Meal Plans and Shopping lists (R999 Value)
  • Facebook / WhatsApp / Email / Call Support
  • Exclusive Shrinking Product Discounts To Members ONLY

Valued Over R11 191

"Happy Shrinkers Has Made Losing Weight Stupid Easy!"

Prior to this, losing weight always felt like an extra burden filled with counting calories, expensive foods and little to no support, but the Rapid Loss System has given me everything I need to make the process super easy and convenient.  Here’s my before and after thanks to Happy Shrinkers! – Rashika Naidoo, KZN



The Happy Shrinking Promise

The fact that you’re reading this section means you have a good feeling that joining Happy Shrinkers will help you reach your weight loss goals, but perhaps you still have a bit of doubt. Hesitation. Risk. I get it.


“This sounds too good to be true, I have tried it all before! How am I supposed to know this is really going to work?”

Well… that’s simple. Try it.

The best part of The Rapid Fat Loss System? You don’t have to wait Months (or heck, even weeks) to see results.

If you do not see any results from following the Rapid Fat Loss System, simply show us proof that you’ve done the work, and if it ain’t working… reach out to our support team within 30 sleeps of purchase, and we’ll buy it back from you. More on that here.

Why would we do this? Because you shouldn’t have to pay for something that doesn’t work! And we’re so convinced of how effective this is, we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. That’s how much we believe in this program.

Because “Gift-Giving” is Our LOVE Language..

We’ve added 3 ADDITIONAL GIFTS valued at R3597

When you join the Happy Shrinkers Rapid Fat Loss System, you also get 3 MASSIVE Bonus Bundles to make your progress even faster and your success even easier, and tools that simplify everything you do! Starting with…



  1. We’ll throw in a FREE Months Supply of our Crave Control Lipotropic Oral Drops to ensure you keep those hunger pains and cravings at bay!
  2. This jitter-free vegan appetite suppressant will give you the edge you need to easily achieve your healthy weight loss goals. 
  3. Naturally control cravingsboost your metabolism and accelerate your fat burning potential with this effective proprietary blend.


Over 100 Quick & Easy Recipes

Imagine just how much easier it will be to quickly access a recipe when you simply need to whip up a meal! With this powerful resource, we’ve taken the hard work out of coming up with creative meals!

  1. Explore Over 100+ Phase 1 and Phase 2 Recipes so that you are never left guessing what to make next.
  2. Feel at ease that you are sticking to the allowed foods as you learn the ins and outs of your new healthy lifestyle.
  3. Enjoy the convenience of super quick and easy cooking with recipes the whole family will enjoy.


READY-MADE Meal Plans and Shopping lists

What if we put together weekly meal plans and shopping lists for you to follow, and all you had to do is simply download it from the Internet? That’s exactly what we’ve done with this gift valued at R999… yours free! Save hours and skip all the fuss when it comes to meal planning.  
    1. Simple 3-day detox Meal Plan and Shopping List ready to get you going on Phase 1. Formatted to give you instant access to the recipes provided in the meal plan.
    2. Follow our 4-week Meals Plans and Shopping Lists for Phase 2 of your journey. Formatted to give you instant access to the recipes provided in the meal plan.
    3. Get the “Build Your Own Meals” guide to start creating your own meals on Phase 2.


MEMBERS ONLY Community App Access

  1. Download our App and get Lifetime Membership with direct one-on-one support with one of our Shrinking Coaches throughout your journey. Voila! We’ll make sure you’re supported every step of the way.
  2. Need ideas on new recipes? Have a milestone you want to share? Need a way to stay accountable? Our VIP community is just a click away.
  3. Look forward to meeting like minded shrinkers who are always there to encourage you every step of the way so that you never feel alone.

This Is The Part We Need To Get Real Honest... It's Time To Make A Choice...

The first choice is to choose to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose nothing.. then nothing changes. 

BUT, if you already know that you want to break up with bad habits and finally shed the weight that has been holding you back, then your choice is obvious: Join us inside the Happy Shrinking Rapid Fat Loss System and start your transformation to becoming a Healthy, Happy, Lean Woman you know you are meant to be.

But if you are still on the fence, wondering whether to take the leap, let me me share one last thought with you… Think about it! Every great change or transformation you’ve experienced ALWAYS began with a DECISION. Have you ever considered that one of the biggest reasons you cannot seem to reach your weight loss goals is because you have been unwilling to make a decision and BACK that decision with committed action?!

If you have already found success by reaching your weight loss goals… then you don’t need this program… you need to be celebrating! 

But, if you are currently struggling to break up with bad habits, lose the unwanted kilos and keep the weight off, then your options are simple:

You can choose to do nothing… and then of course nothing changes. The problem just becomes worse.  

OR you can choose to be the CAUSE IN THE MATTER and do something about it.  

You can choose to avoid the problem all together and hope that it will magically go away ( won’t).

OR you get 100% Committed to doing something about it!  

If you choose the latter, then now is your time to get JOIN and get started TODAY!

Popular Questions, Answered:

Below is a list of the most common questions we get asked. If for some odd reason you don’t see your question, just reach out to our support team so we can assist you.
We set out to create a step-by-step system that will help you cause a BREAKTHROUGH in HOW you lose weight. We don’t just tell you what to do, we show you and support you along the way. So you’re going to get the experience of producing real results for yourself.

Here is what The Rapid Fat Loss System isn’t: it isn’t a program where we promise and guarantee you will lose weight without putting in the effort and dedication, although we are confident in our products and approach, we understand that there is no magic lotion, potion or pill that will magically lose the weight for you and that in order for you to succeed, you will need to willingly partake and commit to this journey. We are going to teach you how to feel empowered in taking the steps needed to change your lifestyle for good. You don’t need to worry that we are going to take your money and run, We are invested coaches who are set on making sure you a success (because when you are a success, so are we!) This program is about living life beyond just another ‘diet’ and in finding your groove so that you can finally lose weight while breaking up with bad habits and keeping the weight off for good.

The Happy Shrinkers Rapid Loss Protocol is balanced, unlike many extreme “fad” diets out there. It consists of a healthy variety of protein, fats, vegetables and fruit, with a small amount of starch. You eat them in specific portions and combinations. There is no reason you should be spending more money than you currently are on food. In fact, most Shrinkers report saving money as they eat less.

No! No counting calories here, awesome right? This is a holistic (whole body health) lifestyle program designed to build a healthy relationship with food, bring balance back to your metabolic hormones and help you live healthy for the rest of your life. Instead of counting calories, we focus on sticking to certain types of food, portion control and weighing out proteins. You will not be tied down to counting calories.

Vegan and vegetarians can follow the protocol as we do provide an allowed list of plant based proteins. The list however is limited and some may find this too restrictive and or might get bored with the protein options as our meal plans are based on an meat inclusive diet. If you are unsure, please reach out and we can share more on this.

Once you have reached your goal and would like to maintain – we encourage you to join our Happy Lifestyle Maintenance Program. This program forms part of our Monthly Membership and will provide you with instructions, new allowed foods, meal plans, shopping lists, coaching and more.

Upon completing your purchase, you will receive an email immediately. Your purchase includes your supply of the Rapid Burn Oral Drops which will be shipped to you within 1-3 working and a tracking number will be emailed. Access to the Happy Shrinker Online Program & Online Community will be granted upon processing your order. Access to these platforms will be revoked after 6 months.

If you are pregnant DO NOT use the Happy Shrinkers Rapid Loss System. If you become pregnant during the protocol, stop taking the Rapid Burn drops and consult your GP.

The average weight loss on the Happy Shrinkers Rapid Loss protocol is around 2-3 kgs per week. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in the materials depends on several factors, such as your background, motivation, commitment, and actions. Since these factors differ according to individuals we cannot guarantee your success, nor are we responsible for any of your actions. Results may vary.

The Rapid Burn Oral Drops will not interact with any medications. All ingredients are natural and from mother nature herself. Having said this, we do advise one to consult their Dr before starting any new weight loss program and or product.

You are given lifetime access to the Happy Shrinker Online Program and Online Community.