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Whether it’s pizza, chocolate, soda, bread, or one too many glasses of wine, just the thought of these delicious and addictive foods sets off a craving that can derail your weight loss goals. But now there is an easy, natural way to take the edge off your cravings, accelerate fat loss, and reduce the fatigue, irritability and anxiety often associated with weight loss.

Crave Control is a non-stimulant appetite suppressant. This fast acting vegan formula contains a powerful blend of essential “neuro-nutrients” derived from all natural sources to support your brain’s crave control functions. This formula promotes serotonin and dopamine production for a feeling of well-being. Crave Control also supports fat burning while boosting brain function needed to balance control for food cravings, appetite, mild anxiety, mood swings, and food addictions.

Take your CONTROL back!  Finally, a formula designed to work with your body to control cravings, boost your metabolism, and accelerate your fat burning potential with this effective proprietary vegan blend powered by science. This jitter-free appetite suppressant will give you the edge you need to easily achieve your healthy weight loss goals. 

Rapid Loss “Crave Control” Benefits:

  • Curbs Your Appetite And Stops Cravings For Carbs + Sugars
  • Boosts Your Brain’s Ability To Make Healthy Eating Choices With Powerful Nootropic Blend
  • Accelerated Weight Loss Efforts
  • Boosts Metabolic Function
  • Tones + Tightens Loose Skin With Powerful Plant Based Blend Of Amino Acids, African Mango, and Botanicals
  • Assists with Brain Induced Cravings, Emotional and Overeating, and Cellular Damage
  • Non-Stimulant Appetite Suppressant With No Jitters
  • Targeted Fat loss, Not Muscle Loss
  • Optimizes Metabolic Hormones for Anti Aging
  • Enhance Mood
  • Improves Immune System


Ingredients & Benefits:

L-Carnitine – Helps carry fatty acids into the mitochondria cells so that they can convert fats to energy.

Green Coffee Bean Extract (Superfood) – Reduces food intake and inhibit the main enzymes involved in fat storage by boosting your metabolism. Increases energy, mood, and immune system functions. Acts as a natural and safe appetite suppressant convincing your brain you are full. Additionally, helps with mental clarity, memory, alertness and reducing brain fog and shown to help with cancer prevention and lowering cholesterol.

Chromium (Beneficial for pre-diabetics and blood sugar health) — Supports healthy blood sugar levels, while naturally decreasing insulin and reducing cravings. Helps to move blood sugar (glucose) from the bloodstream into the cells to be used as energy and to turn fats, carbohydrates, and proteins into energy.

Garcinia Cambogia — Naturally promotes positive mood, helps to relieve stress and anxiety by lowering cortisol (stress hormones) and naturally elevating serotonin (wellbeing/happy hormones). Acts quickly to calm cravings and assists in mood support. Promotes balanced cortisol levels, a powerful hormone released during times of stress that causes rapid weight gain, anxiety and fat storage in the stomach, thighs, hips, underarms, and chin areas, known as “Crisis Reserve Zones”.

Acai Berry (Superfood) — Rich with antioxidants that protect cells from damage caused by harmful molecules in the body called “free radicals”. Helps protect against inflammations, swelling and diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Helps strengthen the body’s immune system. Used for improving thinking, concentration, memory and work efficiency, physical stamina, and endurance.

Vitamin B12 — Naturally assists in the dissolving of body fat by improving the rate of metabolic activity, synthesis of fat cells and the conversion of sugars and fats into usable energy. Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, plays a major role in a number of the body’s essential functions, including DNA synthesis (anti-aging) and the formation of red blood cells. It also helps the body convert fats and proteins into energy and aids in the breakdown of carbohydrates into usable energy. Medical research has proven that Vitamin B-12 can increase weight loss by 2.3% for women and 3.7% for men when following a healthy diet.

L-Arginine – helps strengthen the body’s immune system. Helps build muscle and reduce body fat.

L-Lysine — Naturally occurring amino acid that helps your body to convert fatty acids into energy. It also plays a vital role in the production of carnitine and collagen that helps with skin elasticity, anti-aging, preventing bone loss and building a lean, tone muscle mass. Symptoms of L-lysine deficiency are low thyroid hormone production, fatigue, hair loss, facial hair growth, dizziness, PCOS, kidney stone formation, asthma, chronic viral infections, and abnormal weight gain or loss.

L-Ornithine – Helps build muscle and reduce body fat.

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